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Seasonal Shift

Oh, my goodness it is almost September! We have spent two whole seasons, Spring and Summer, in this new Pandemic paradigm and we are about to cross the threshold into Fall.

For many of us this year has been devoid of our usual markers of time passing. We have spent birthdays and anniversaries and holidays in ways that don’t make the same impact on our schedules. Vacations and travel have been postponed, tickets to shows and attractions have been rescheduled or observed online. Even the way we go to work and do our errands has changed and the rhythm they used to have is less distinct.

Fall is the season of gathering in the harvest, the season when nature begins to trade her summer ambling for a quicker step, when we are supposed to refocus on finishing the year strong. But with little to no ability to make plans what are we shifting towards?

All of this uncertainly added to the natural shift in energy around September can lead to a case of the seasonal blues. Are you feeling them? If so you are certainly not alone.

Now more than ever we need to be mindful of and protective of our state of mind. Seasonal affective Disorder is a real thing, and for some people it starts in the Fall because the end of the year seems closer as summer ends. But when those blues start to dampen your spirit, remember that mindfulness and arriving in the present moment are your greatest ally.

Make yourself a little list of things and people and simple rituals that delight you. Gather what soothes you and helps you feel grateful in the moment. If you have that list, you have a plan ready for when the blues try and sneak up on you.

For me, a cup of fragrant tea and a few pages of an uplifting book can change my mood. A favorite song, a best friend on the other end of the phone, some moments with my journal, or watching my kids and my dog play help me actively remember that no matter what kind of year we are having, every single moment is still precious. Breathe in a favorite essential oil blend, burn a little sage, say a mantra or a prayer, place your hand on your own heart and speak kind and encouraging words, sip a cup of nourishing and restorative broth. There are so many small gestures you can make to welcome yourself back to the sunny and present side of the street. Get some light and some fresh air and movement and, when you are feeling relief, ask the blues what they came to tell you. I believe that the Seasons are here to remind us that we are all made up of both the light and the dark. We are called to Seek balance in honoring them both.

Let’s live this year, dear friends, one day, one breath, one step and one sip at a time.

I am here to help you keep your balance online or in person. And check out some of my favorite soups, and my favorite teas that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

“We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated.” -Dr. Maya Angelou

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