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Peggy Regis Robinson



Jacob Wallach, Actor and Comedian

I was skeptical about trying acupuncture... would tiny needles really help me feel better? The answer is simple: YES and a session with Peggy is pure magic. She is an incredibly gifted individual who genuinely cares about the wellbeing and progress of her patients. She goes out of the way to make you feel comfortable in her hands and to ensure you have the most satisfactory of visits. Her attention to detail, calm demeanor and vast intellect makes each session a beautiful, healing escape from the bustling city. Go see Peggy, you will not regret it.


Dr. Angela F. Griffin, PT, PhD

I started my first Acupuncture session with Dr. Peggy Robinson in July and since then it has been a wonderful experience. She is so knowledgeable about holistic health and was able to guide me on a complimentary path to help me heal while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer. It is so important for cancer patients to stay positive and reduce stress in their lives-acupuncture helps me to do this. After her treatments I float out of her office so relaxed and have been able to sleep better at night. She is also providing excellent nutritional counseling that is helping me transition to an alkaline diet to heal! 


Jenny Wong, Designer and Aesthetician

I've been going to Peggy for years for anything and everything. From stress, insomnia, back and neck pains, sciatica, carpal tunnel,  facial rejuvenation, sinus infections, and pregnancy induction. Her knowledge and gentle hands have given me comfort throughout the years. She has an intuitive sense for what my body needs. She is also very patient and listens to you. Every time I leave I feel like I have been healed physically and mentally. 


Erica Lewis, Herbalist

Dr. Peggy Robinson is a true healer- kind, understanding  and extremely knowledgeable. Over the past year, I have been receiving both Facial Rejuvenation and traditional acupuncture from Peggy and the results are outstanding! I am experiencing amazing changes, both physically and energetically. Cornerstone Healing is my healing oasis here in Brooklyn. So grateful!


JC Favel, Sound Producer

I had a bad tennis elbow this summer and decided to go and see an acupuncturist for the first time. After 2 or 3 appointments and some homeopathic cream, my elbow was like before. It was magical! I was really happy and impressed with what acupuncture and a good practitioner can do for you. Since I had a stroke few years ago, I decided to continue going to see Peggy. It's a real pleasure for me to spend an hour relaxing with myself. I can listen to my body rhythm and breathing. Acupuncture has become like a bubble of meditation, a must-do for a better me!


Adela Y. Diaz, MSW, LSW

I have been seeing Peggy for acupuncture at Cornerstone Healing, on and off as my healing needs arise, for the last 10 years. Peggy is one of the most authentic, intelligent, compassionate and caring practitioners I have ever experienced. Her acupuncture skill-set has reduced the amount of healing time for some of my ailments by months! The moment I sat with her I felt like my concerns were heard and validated. I appreciate the way she blends a mind-body-spirit approach into her work without being too biased on any one in particular. Her assessments are integrative and thorough. 


Harold Foster, United States Veteran

I have been coming to Dr. Peggy Robinson seeking relief from back pain, hip pain, smoking, and stress. Not only is she knowledgeable, thorough, and kind, her acupuncture treatments have been very effective. I am so grateful to know Peggy and have experienced true healing through her care.


Elise Paul, Kickboxing Instructor and Actress

As a kickboxing instructor, a restaurant manager and aspiring actress, I have a tendency to over work myself and my body. Being in the service industry can be extremely stressful at times and working out 5 to 6 days a week and teaching classes has begun to take a toll on me physically. It is in my livelihood and daily routines to be constantly engaging with people or my personal clients, so being at my physical best is very important. I decided I had to make the time to pay attention to my body and make it more of a priority to take better care of it. I had done acupuncture and cupping before I moved to NY so it had been quite some time since I had been in for a treatment.  Finding cornerstone healing was a huge blessing to put it lightly.


I had the pleasure of seeing Peggy and was very much impressed and happy with my experience. Actually, to use those terms would be quite the understatement. I really can't put into words or adjectives as to how pleased I am with my visits with her. She has an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise with this practice and it is very clear how intuitive and attentive that she is from the second I walked through the door. I had initially seen her for back pain seeking relief, thinking that it could only be brought on by overworking my muscles. But, after talking with her before my first session, answering some questions and having a consultation with her, it became more apparent that stress levels could be more so to blame. I had my first session after our discussion and felt immediate relief within minutes, but even more so within hours. It was extremely therapeutic. I slept better, my energy levels had changed, my mind felt clearer, I was less tense, less anxious and overwhelmed, and ultimately in less pain. I felt like I had been opened up and restored.


I came back the next day so Peggy could do another acupuncture session and also do a series of cupping on me. This time it was even more beneficial. I didn't think it could get any better than the first session but yet again I was blown away by the sensations I was feeling throughout my body and the alleviation that followed. I definitely plan on going more often in order to keep my body and mind healthy. I believe it is truly beneficial in so many ways, so I will absolutely be continuing treatments with Peggy. I urge anyone who is on the fence of doing acupuncture to give it a try. I think the biggest misconception is that it is painful. I will tell you, it is not. No pain, just relaxation. It is incredibly relieving and rewarding in so many ways and I'm extremely grateful that I have now found such a wonderful acupuncturist to see regularly. Many thanks to Peggy at Cornerstone for giving me this positive change in my life.

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