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It’s time to heal together, wherever we are.

Telemedicine is an newly available opportunity to have an intimate and focused wellness consultation online with Dr. Robinson. Begin with a comprehensive intake interview. Then develop a unique plan to build your personal immunity, resilience and address any specific challenges to your wellbeing. Herbal preparations, nutritional planning, guided breathing techniques for stress relief, Gua Sha, facial massage tutorials, and acupressure modeling are all available in this format. Make this new format a part of your ongoing self-care regiment. 

Peggy Regis Robinson

Uniquely tailored herbal preparations can be prescribed, nutritional programs formulated, pressure point and Gua Sha guidance achieved, and even skin care regiments can be planned all in online and phone consultation formats.
Now more than ever, holding space for one another matters. Quality of life, peace of mind and holistic health are proving to be our greatest treasures. The power of meaningful connection has been scientifically proven to enhance immunity and reduce inflammation. Now is an excellent time to invest in your resilience and wellbeing.

Peggy Regis Robinson

Let's heal together

Dr. Robinson, her support, her expertise and her skills are here for you, and can be delivered to you wherever you are! Let’s heal together this year. Let’s be stronger for our families and for our community.
Appointments are already in high demand, book yours early!

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