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Making Room for the Tiger. Gong Hei Fat Choy!

A New Year in the Western calendar is here and on Tuesday we will officially begin The Year of The Water Tiger! We are also about to begin Black History Month. Every month is Black History Month for me, but it still feels right and healing to carve out a space in the year to celebrate our contribution to the American story. After all Dr. King reminds us that “The time is always right to do what is right.”

I hope that you are finding ways to sustain yourselves these days and some moments of reflection on where you are and where you intend your journey to take you.

I myself am very much in that place. I feel like recently I have been tapping into a new level of myself. I feel a shift in my energy and in the energy of this moment in the world. My response has been to embark on a deep reorganization of my life, my priorities and my energy so that I can focus even more clearly on what I am here to do and be part of.

This has meant everything from reorganizing closets and our kitchen pantry to reaffirming our healthier habits and resetting to a more minimalist way of being. The clogged energy of clutter and of things and activities that pull us off our focus is more visible than ever to me and there is such a relief in letting them fall away. It feels like cleaning my energetic windshield before embarking on an exciting road trip to my next level. As our dear recently departed Bell Hooks said, “Living simply makes loving simple.”

The Year of The Water Tiger occurs once every 60 years. Tiger years are typically years of profound change and the opportunity that arises within that change. Tigers are brave and fierce and take on challenges with tenacity. They are associated with Yang energy. This will be a year of adventures and opportunities to be daring. Water Tigers are associated with emotional well-being, family and community building. Socially progressive causes can prosper in Water Tiger years. Overall, this is a year for making a big switch in careers or lifestyles, forming new teams and alliances and making happiness a goal; not just a side dish on your banquet table of life.

I encourage you to make your health a part of your plan to restructure and realign yourself this year. Find ways to “do what is right” for you, and “live simply” in the moment. Even the smallest changes can shift your energy and make you more resilient through whatever transitions may come your way. Gathering just a few extra tools, techniques or practitioners to add to your skill set or your wellness team can make all the difference. I am here for that. Reach out and I will help you strategize and revitalize. Now is the time before this year picks up speed!

So, join me in cleaning out those closets in your home, and in your mind body and spirit. Make room for the aspects of the Water Tiger in you. Leave behind what weighs you down or doesn’t serve you. Pack light and bright. And remember that the ancestors are walking with you every step of the way, and offering you the power of their love and experience.

Happy New Year, beautiful people, and I’ll see you on the journey!

Be well,

Peggy Regis Robinson, DAOM, L.Ac.


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