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  • Dr. Peggy Regis Robinson, DAOM, L.Ac.

Celebrating the Sacred Power of Women

Today is Earth Day. It’s only fitting to honor the women who beautifully lift our spirits and shape who we are becoming. They are the people who remind you that light comes from within and no toxic energy can take that glow away from you. It was humbling to be enveloped by their presence at the Sacred Beauty Collective. This collective is about making space so that everyone can be the best version of themselves. The idea is simple: we explore our own evolution, and in turn, invite others to bask in the same openness.

Rebecca Casciano, makeup artist and founder of the collective, invited me to teach a workshop on the basics of clean beauty. We explored why holistic beauty is important and learned how to choose and apply the right skincare and makeup to amplify our inner and outer glow. I helped them cultivate their beauty qi with acupuncture, facial massages, herbs, facial cupping, and gua sha.

These events are powerful because it asks everyone in the room—practitioners and participants—to peel off our layers physically and mentally. We massage our face, reinvigorated tense muscles, removed dead skin, and melted our anxiety. This shedding allowed us to let go off dead weight.

As a practitioner, I find it easy to take care of others, and if I keep it real, it isn’t always easy to take care of myself. I am constantly giving and not pouring into myself. It’s not that I am not deserving. I have been accustomed to nurture others.

I think this happens because self-work is the hardest work—asking us to surrender how we consciously filter, curate, and script our moves. That’s why it’s helpful to be part of the Sacred Beauty Collective. It reminds me that I am a part of an amalgam of women who are willing to be vulnerable and keep it 100%. We are a community of caregivers, mothers, sisters, experiencing transitions, figuring it out, cancer survivors, and some of our identities are yet to take flight. Seeing us do this self-work is amazing.

Being invited is an honor because these powerful women allowed me to pamper them and experience care they graciously provide to others every day. And that kind of energy really does vibrate to another level. It took me back to when I used to go to ciphers because I saw women building from each other.

And we continue to build. It’s been a month since I led the workshop and I still get questions about the clean beauty practices we explored that night. I love that. It reminds me that I am doing my lifework. Much Love Beautiful People!

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