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Truthful Evolution

As 2015 nears its end, I find myself reflecting on maturity. Throughout each year, we experience a range of things—joy, loss, hardship, accomplishments—that push us to grow mentally and spiritually. When a new year begins, we have the chance to embrace our more mature self, and “restart” with a new sense of strength and a clearer understanding of who we are at our core.

During this past year, I made some important decisions, like spending more time at home in North Carolina. For 2016, I have more new and exciting things planned, so I will have to be courageous and welcome the fear and challenges that can be precursors to victory and success. As I prepare for that, I must start by being honest about what my core being will need to truly thrive in this next year.

I find meditation to be a helpful tool for connecting with your core. The practice provides the space to reflect on purpose, the meaning of honesty, and on the experiences that have shaped who you are. Meditation also helps me stay grounded in gratitude; it allows me to clear my mind of the chaos of the holidays and throughout the world, and to focus on what I’m truly thankful for. I’m grateful for my strong health and well-being, and that I get to help others achieve the same. I’m thankful for small, but meaningful moments, like the beauty of seasons changing, cheerful smiles on my children’s faces, loving kisses from my husband, big hugs from my friends, and wise guidance from my mother. It’s those types of things that fortify your spirit and motivate you to move forward, while also reminding you that every moment is precious and worth appreciating.

Personal growth requires you to be honest with yourself and to embrace your true you. To support my well-being, I know I need to take it easy more often, a challenging thing to accomplish when you’re a wife/mother/working professional/Brooklyn and Wake Forest resident. But, I must listen to what my inner being needs. Next year, I will prioritize time with family, like teaching my six-year-old daughter how to ride a bike, shooting hoops with my five-year-old son, and dancing with my three-year-old girl like no one’s watching. I will also spend more time traveling, studying the Bible, going on dates with my husband, and other vital things that nurture my core and ultimately make me a stronger person and professional.

I move towards 2016 with excitement, and hope you’re approaching the New Year in the same spirit. It’s a time for renewal and reconnection with your inner being so that you can continue to mature into your best, most authentic self.

Wishing you happy holidays and New Year!


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