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Cupping for Wellness

Cupping is an effective therapy that can improve both mental and physical health. A heated jar (glass, plastic, or bamboo) is applied to the skin's surface, causing suction to the underlying tissue. Depending upon the practitioner's assessment, the cups may be moved around (sliding cups) or left in place (stationary cups). Once the cup is applied, the skin may feel a little tight and when removed, the cups will pop right off the skin. The cups may leave red, blue or purple rings on the skin that will disappear after a few days. The discoloring signifies the release of tension, fluids, toxin and pain. This process promotes healthy blood flow and patients usually leave the office feeling sore, euphoric or relaxed. Cupping was founded thousands of years ago and is not exclusive to Traditional Chinese Medicine. This modality was common in ancient Egyptians, North American Indians, early Greeks, and other Asian and European countries. Some of my patients often tell me stories of their childhood and how their parents and/or grandparents would use cupping for different ailments and the different styles of cupping and techniques used. Some of its benefits are relief from: stress, anxiety, allergies, respiratory issues, fatigue, flu, colds, fever, back pain, muscle aches, skin conditions, and digestive issues. Cupping should not be used on patients who have skin ulcers, edema or who bleed easily. Pregnant women should avoid cupping on their abdomen and lower back. At Cornerstone Healing, cupping and acupuncture are used in combination as part of a treatment plan.

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