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Coping with Difficult Times

In the last three months, I feel like we have been living through a different crisis in our Nation every single day. Suddenly I find myself and my family in the middle of a very painful and personal crisis: a moment in which my fellow Americans are debating the value of my life, my children’s lives, and my husband’s life in the eyes of our society. What a chilling debate to have to explain to my children. I ache for every member of my community who has lost a child, a husband, a sibling, a neighbor, or a friend to hate and violence and with no justice, protection or dignity afforded them.

As a wellness provider I know what trauma and grief do to a community, what living in fear does to an immune system, what violence does to our bodies when we are a victim of it or a witness to it. So, before engaging fully in the chaos of this moment I chose to regroup, recharge and rededicate my attention to my family and to their peace of mind. We took the day. We went to the beach. We talked. We loved on each other. I believe that in a world that doesn’t always love us there is profound activism in loving ourselves. Loving and fortifying and valuing our families is an act of social justice. We matter to one another, and our health and well being matter for the struggle ahead.

My children are each unique, energetic, shining spirits who light up this world with their authenticity and pure joy. It matters to me that they stay that way. Above is a list of a few ways to tend to your mental, physical and spiritual health. You get to choose how best to engage and process this moment for yourself and for the ones who depend on you.

Be well, be safe and may we all be healed for a better day together.

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