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Why We Decided To Opt Out Of Viewing The Total Solar Eclipse

From My Vantage Point With Love- For the first time in 99 years, a total solar eclipse will be visible, to spectators across the United States, on August 21, 2017. As a parent of three, my husband and I made the decision not to physically view the total eclipse with our kids. Why? Because my inner being spoke to me and after being stubborn, I've decided to listen. As a family we had a big weekend planned in Asheville, NC to hang out with our kids and close friends to view the total eclipse on Monday. Everyone was excited, and than God spoke to me...or I finally acknowledged that He was speaking to and through me. At first it was subtle. As the mayhem in the world was escalating, I was making plans for my family to view our once in my lifetime phenomena. Then the voice got louder, my kindred sister called and we spoke for a while about some of the past effects of a total eclipse- "During an eclipse period, the power of distressing energies increases by 1000 times as compared to other times." Fascinating and surprising ways animals react- "Dairy cows return to the barn, crickets begin chirping, birds either go to roost or become more active, and whales breach in the seas." 

With all of these noticeable effects in the world around us, it is conceivable that a Solar Eclipse is affecting us on a much deeper level than we even realize. And so my husband and I have agreed to opt out. Leading up to the Solar Eclipse, we are using this weekend to enjoy family time and be still. Till the heavens are open, I'm sending out lots of prayers and good vibes to help shift this atmosphere. My kids are disappointed and protesting. They said that the only options are to see the solar eclipse, or get a dog. I see a dog in our future...maybe named Eclipse :-). Peace and love beautiful people! 

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