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  • Photography by Melissa Cisco

Today I give thanks for "My Tribe".

I've come to realize that healing comes in many different forms. And I have been blessed with some wonderful healers. There's my brow sculptor, who performs Reiki, and gives great conversation while perfecting my brows, my pastor whose message is often "right on time", my business partner who always has my back, my staff who helps to keep things flowing, the yoga instructor who encourages me to hold the pose a little longer, my siblings who are my biggest cheerleaders, my sorors who strive to make the world a better place for all mankind, my bffs who continuously drops pearls into my lap, my colleagues who help keep me updated on the latest trends, the little smiles that greet me in the morning, the "village" that helps keep my kids safe and intellectually stimulated. My husband who always strives to bring out the best in me. I so love my healing tribe!

Oh, and let me not forget...the sunrise, the sunset, the air we breathe, and the rest we need.

Happy Sunday beautiful people and thank you.

Be well,


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