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Happy Everytine's Day, Everyone!

Valentine's Day can be every day. In our home, love is expressed every day, through both big and small gestures: hugs; setting the table; remembering to say "please", "I'm sorry" & "thank you"; respectfully agreeing to disagree; family prayer; helping with the dishes; allowing "Mommy" 5 more minutes of rest; early morning airport runs; story-time & snuggling with grandma; surprise birthday parties; completing 5k run/walks as a family; preparing dad's favorite meals; dancing; movie nights; short trips & family vacays; play dates; date nights, and lots of "I LOVE YOU'S".

My 6 year old daughter's work of art captures this "Everytine's Day" energy perfectly. Her gift to me... simply beautiful.

Remember that nourishing the heart can help to revive the soul.

Be well, and give love every day,


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