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Zoom Face

Let’s just get some basics out of the way. No one looks good on camera in bad lighting and at a bad angle. This is why public figures have camera operators, lighting and makeup artists all working to make them seem magical. Do yourself a favor and find yourself a regular zoom setup that is six to eight feet away from a source of natural light (like a window) has a pleasant but not distracting, uncluttered background and has nothing casting shadows on your face. Turn on your zoom camera and wander around your house until you find that magic spot. You will find that in good lighting a lot of your fatigue on camera will melt away. Next, take a box, a stack of books or a foot stool and place your screen on it so that you are positioned looking slightly up into the camera, as if you were sitting at a desk facing an auditorium of guests and you were trying to see the very last row. You will find it lifts your spirits a little to speak with your chin lifted and your eyes gazing up. This is a posture of confidence and immediately makes us feel more awake and personable. It also lets all of your face catch the light and makes your eyes sparkle. My last camera related tip is to actually try to keep your own image in your peripheral view, and even minimize yourself if possible. Talk directly into the lens because your meeting will be that much more personable and authentic, and you will also be less self-conscious and more passionate about what you are saying. When our passion is ignited it shines through our face and we lift others up as well as ourselves. 

Now that the light is shining properly on your face and you are communicating your truth and expertise into the lens at the proper angle, let’s talk about how to get your skin to glow and how to shed that fatigue with a little daily loving care. Fatigue and worry as well as lack of sleep can cause our face to be puffy, especially around the eyes. Facial techniques like Gua Sha, jade rolling, acupressure massage and dermatome stimulation can make a huge difference in the way that your face responds to the stressors of your life. I also recommend using serums and creams that contain Holistic Hemp and CBD oil which has a calming effect on your delicate facial tissues. Find my recommendations for these topicals and the tools needed for these facial techniques here at my Kamwo herbal store. I also absolutely love June soothing facial Serum, a potent blend of rich plant oils and stress relieving hemp oil that will brightening and nourish your lovely visage. Schedule an online consultation with me for a facial tutorial and together we can come up with a plan to restore that beautiful healthy glow to your zoom face. 

In times of heightened stress our body needs us to nourish it with wholesome foods, proper hydration and a daily routine of stress relieving breath work, exercise or meditation. We all have limited time and space to ourselves these days, I know. Rituals of caring for one’s self can, however, be as little as five minutes long. “Stack” habits like a short breathing exercise onto things you already do like turning your computer on in the morning, brushing your teeth, or feeding the cat or dog. Even a few extra deep breaths will tell your body you care. 

Finally, please remember to touch your face with loving intention. The energy and emotion in your hands can be so healing. Forgive your Zoom face! Love it as the glowing reflection of the light that is always there, at your center, waiting for you to let it shine. 

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