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Peggy Regis Robinson

I believe that wellness is


Since I was young, I have carried within me an enduring resolve to help others. As a holistic healthcare professional, helping is now my job, my purpose, and my passion.

I use the decades of knowledge I have acquired in my practice to deliver compassionate solutions that help people heal. I believe that my full potential can only be achieved through empowering and supporting individuals and communities to take their own wellness and healing into their own hands. Whether it’s with my patients in my Brooklyn practice or treating women and communities all over the world who have endured trauma, this enduring belief guides me to continue working each day, and to share, heal, and grow through wellness.

Peggy Regis Robinson


Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, my wellness offerings bring clients the kind of deep and enduring healing that has the power to alleviate chronic pain and bring about mental clarity. Every one of these services is designed to restore balance and nurture wellbeing.


Herbal Medicine

Nutrition Consultation



My treatments focus on the body’s natural healing processes. I work to harmonize and restore the body to a radiant state of balance through herbal remedies, tinctures, capsules or loose teas. My treatments, ranging from holistic facials to custom-blended skin tonics, are used to correct and restore the body.

Facial Rejuvenation

Holistic Facials

Herbal Skin Tonics

Peggy Regis Robinson


My Services

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Kind Words from My Clients

Peggy Regis Robinson client

​"The best way I can describe my experience with Peggy Regis, after years of treatments, is that she is a blessing in my life. Her knowledge, passion, and nurturing care is something I have yet to find elsewhere. She has given me hope, instilled in me priceless knowledge, and guided me to a healthier, pain free way of life. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her, is fortunate to be in the best hands. Hands that heal."

-Erin Heatherton, International Model

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