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If you are thinking about giving your face a lift, you may want to try one of these organic and natural options that can be used as an alternative to today’s more invasive techniques. Following in the spirit of supporting the body's natural healing process, Dr. Robinson treats each patient synergistically: body, mind and spirit. She emphasizes a holistic approach, with the intention of making your beauty ritual empowering.


The benefits you can expect from our Holistic Facials are:
• Relaxes muscle contractions, creating a smoother complexion. 
• Reduction or disappearance of deep and fine lines.
• Helps to firm sagging facial muscles and improves dark circles and bags under the eyes.
• Improves circulation or Qi, which provides great absorption of products applied to the skin.
• Reduces signs of stress and promotes overall health and wellbeing.

Dr. Robinson has personally researched and sampled every product used in her treatment programs. These product lines have been shown to provide  the best, brightest, most natural, and effective results:


A Latin derivative meaning “Gift of the Earth.”  Built on the mission of sharing therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world. doTERRA founders were committed to providing only the highest quality and purest essential oils so that families could know with surety that they were using only the best to promote health and wellness for their loved ones.

Mahalo Skin Care

Their unique skin formulas combine the ancient knowledge of Polynesia, Western and Eastern healing, with the  modern scientific advancements in natural beauty technology to deliver  an experience inspired by Hawaiian approach to slow, mindful beauty rituals, and luxurious self-care.

Max and Me

A line formulated with high vibrational ingredients, created with the loving consciousness and the firm intention that their benefits may help people flow through life effortlessly, connect with the healing powers of nature, nurture the inner light and impart beauty on all levels of being.

Province Apothecary

A line committed to innovation, sustainability, and small-batch skin care of the highest quality. The founder came up with the name Province Apothecary because she was obsessed with sourcing ingredients from each province.


Facial Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment where a small medicinal board tool is used to gently massage, manipulate and stimulate certain energy points along the face and body to promote Qi (energy) flow and remove toxins. When performed on the face, as in Facial Gua Sha, it smooths out wrinkles, lifts sagging from the neck and jaw line, and stimulates positive results on the facial contours.

Healing Mask

Dr. Robinson has chosen, for her patience, specific healing masks that can help repair even the dullest, most irritated and dry skin. They are made up of beauty oils, powders, butters and essential oils that instantly impart calming serenity and soothing nourishment to even the most troubled and delicate skin while delivering optimal hydration and bright radiance, evening out skin tone, fading hyper-pigmentation and giving you that fresh, radiant look.

Facial Cupping

Face cupping is non-invasive and serves as a safe alternative to surgery. Similar to the techniques used in body cupping, with facial cupping, small tubes are rhythmically placed on the face and neck. The tubes create a vacuum like suction that lifts toxins, moves stagnant blood and enriches blood flow. This process massages and invigorates the facial tissues and increases elastin and collagen. In addition to increasing circulation it clears the complexion, reduces fine lines and deep wrinkles, and tones the chin, neck and jawline.

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