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​Skin diseases in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have been studied and treated for centuries. Chinese herbal medicine is one of the main modalities in (TCM) and is used as an effective therapy.


All of creation is amazingly complex, and the body has an inherent ability to heal. Each individual’s lifestyle can affect skin care so each plan is customized to take into account diet, exercise patterns, sleep habits, hormones, and stresses.  Discussing these factors can help in the development of a regimen that will produce more positive dermatological results. This holistic approach to treatment energizes your skin, soothes your spirit and calms your mind.

Dr. Robinson’s treatments focus on the natural healing processes by bringing the body back into balance through herbal remedies, tinctures, capsules or loose teas.  She treats the following dermatological conditions: acne, autoimmune skin disease, dermatitis, eczema, urticaria, large pores, psoriasis, rosacea and warts.

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