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A Mother’s Touch


“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” - Rumi

One of the scariest things for me as a parent is my child getting hurt. It’s a particular kind of pang that rips through my chest. It’s a reminder of two truths: life is fragile and our bodies are resilient.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I rushed Christian to the ER after a head injury. Since it was well after midnight, there wasn’t a surgeon on call so we opted for the ER doctor (after I grilled him extensively about his experience with this type of head injury). After five stitches to close his open wound, we feel blessed that he’s okay. Needless to say, this procedure left him with a massive scar. I’ve spent the last few weeks treating his scar, hoping to reduce the appearance.

His scar will tell a story of his journey beautifully woven on his forehead for the world to see and he will be reminded of his momma bear who help heal it with love, care and thousands of kisses.


Here are my quick tips on how to help heal scars: 


  • Clean the wound thoroughly. Use water and mild organic soap to gently clean the wound site.


  • Protect and tend the wound. In the beginning, he used bandaids to shield the wound from the elements. We moisturized the area and let it breathe when he was home. Christian is a swimmer, so after the wound closed up, he used waterproof bandaids and a swim cap to ensure the water doesn’t get into the wound. Before going outside, we applied sunscreen to protect it and had him wear his favorite baseball caps. Our sunscreens of choice are Badger, Bare Republic, and La Roche-Posay.


  • Use remedies that promote healthy healing. Apply natural remedies without toxins like helichrysum essential to minimize inflammation, expedite healing of burns and wounds, and relax the body and mind. We used a healing gel like Derma E Scar Gel (3 times a day) and occasionally Correct X essential oil ointment by DoTerra.


  • Clean eating is a must for healthy skin rejuvenation and regeneration. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and feed the body with a rainbow colors of fruits and vegetables that are anti-inflammatory and high in anti-antioxidants. They are good for the body and great for the soul!


  • Model and pass on knowledge. I taught Christian the cleaning habits, why we use natural products, and the massage routine so he can maintain it when I’m in Brooklyn. He’s a pro;-).


  • Explore Chinese Medicine. As a Chinese Medicine Practitioner and a Skin Therapy Expert, I may choose to use the healing power of acupuncture, and for Christian’s wound, we used a technique called “surround the dragon” to break down the fibers and allow new tissues to replace it. Gua sha, a natural therapy that involves lightly scraping the skin with a massage tool like jade or rose quartz, improves circulation. Use herbal medicines topically or internally to treat the outer and inner body.


  • Learn about home remedies. Organic aloe vera and moisturizers like unfiltered raw shea butter and coconut oil help the site stay hydrated. Baking soda, turmeric, lemon, apple cider vinegar, and honey are great for exfoliating, brightening, and smoothing the skin surface. Essential oils like lavender, neroli, tea tree, rose, carrot seed (depending on the type of scar), mixed with a carrier oil can be aromatic and effective in the healing process.


  • Check out reliable resources. I use www.ewg.org to review ingredients and use only green products.

What are your healing tips?


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