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Immunity: Your Gift to Your Community

Immunity is in simple terms a state of balance. Biologically it means having a system that is able to defend itself from the majority of diseases, infections and allergens. As a general concept it refers to a self contained tolerance and resilience in the face of outward challenges. Ideally immunity is like a graceful dance through the obstacle course of life, and like a dance, immunity thrives on regular and rhythmic practice.

In the first half of 2020 our National immunity has been of tremendous concern as Covid-19 has swept through our communities. The numbers and science are undeniable and we are not likely to be rid of this Pandemic for some time to come. While we do not know enough yet about this virus to combat it directly, we do know that our continued good health and immunity keep us out of an overburdened healthcare system and free up resources for those who need them in this crisis. Now, more than ever, our immune function and keeping our balance and wellness intact are an asset to our community.

Stress management, balanced nutrition, regular self care practices, adequate exercise and a support system of friends and care providers all help to keep immunity intact. It is a good idea to regularly take stock of your personal care practices. Really scan your senses and write down ways you could bring whatever is jangling a bit back into harmony.

Are you drinking enough water? Are you sleeping enough? Are you eating in a way that fuels you ? Are you taking time to breathe and laugh? What is your favorite way to move and how can you make that something you crave instead of dread? Do you find yourself with frequent headaches, posture related discomfort, a mind that just won’t stop worrying, or are you sluggish in your digestion? All of these little dings in your general wellbeing can add up to an imbalance in immune function.

Don’t get me wrong, there is no perfect state of being or of immunity. We are all processing all kinds of challenges clinical, viral, bacterial, personal, spiritual and professional. But we can work to hone a keener sense of how we are by regularly checking in, listening and connecting with our senses, and being mindful of how our systems are operating.

Usually there are simple and readily available ways we can restore our balance. Breathe, rest, move, drink more water, eat less processed foods, express ourselves to loved ones, spend time in prayer, take an epsom salt bath, all of these solutions are generally effective.

Some assistance and outside expertise can be really helpful, however, in restoring your internal balance. An ongoing relationship with a Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Certified Herbalist can be a lifelong asset in fostering immunity and vitality through all of life’s changes. The more your practitioner gets to know you the better we can help correct your course when you start to feel run down.

Our communities need us at our best now more than ever before. Our families need us to be grounded, resilient and as well and joyful as possible. I am here to reassure you that we can all tend our immune function like a victory garden in these times of uncertainty.

Good health is not only a precious personal achievement, it is a priceless gift to all who encounter it.

I will be out here, dancing right along with you. Let’s keep our balance together!

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